This Year's DDM Summit Represents Our Largest Gathering of Deal-Related Experts

ECHELON is proud to announce that the 2017 DDM Summit will host our largest gathering of deal-related experts to date. This year will feature two hours of allotted time specifically dedicated to the Ask The Experts sessions. Don't miss your opportunity to capitalize on the benefits of this valuable component of the DDM Summit by signing up for these exclusive one-on-one meetings with subject matter experts.


The Ask The Experts sessions provide an unrivaled and invaluable learning opportunity for all deal makers. We are bringing together the industry's most elite executives, all of which are specifically interested in executing deals and learning more about the services related to transactions, to meet with YOU. These personal conversations, centered squarely on the deals and services that they are contemplating, allow you to establish your firm’s credibility and identity in the deal-making space.



Monday, September 18th | 2:45 – 4:45 PM

  > Ask The Experts Session: 2 hours consisting of        four 20-minute scheduled meetings with                conference attendees and persons of                      influence.

Scheduled Networking:

  > Additional networking opportunities will take         place throughout the Summit and will allow           experts and attendees to continue the                     conversations they began at the Ask The                 Experts sessions.

How the Sessions Work:

    > Attendees indentify the experts they              would like to speak with and learn from.

  > Attendees then request meeting times          with the experts through the related                scheduling portal.

  > The scheduling portal will open 2-3                  weeks prior to the event. ECHELON will          notify attendees when it has opened. 

  > Experts conduct four 20 minute sessions       with conference attendees.

  > A slide show will be shown throughout          the sessions consisting of the DDM                  Expert Profiles of each presenting expert.  

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